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About Tiagos Luton

Located within the heart of the busy town of Luton, Tiagos is a restaurant widely known for its traditional Portuguese dishes. The restaurant takes pride in preserving and serving the cultural richness of Portugal through its food. Tiagos aims to provide not just a meal, but an experience soaked in Portuguese authenticity.

Menu Specialities

A visit to Tiagos doesn’t feel complete without trying its famous Piri Piri Chicken – a true classic of Portuguese cuisine that has delighted customers time and time again. The menu also offers a wide range of seafood dishes that authentically recreate the flavours of Portugal’s coastlines. These recipes are prepared with great care, keeping in mind the traditional Portuguese cooking methods.

Ambiance and Setting

The ambiance at Tiagos complements its culinary offerings perfectly by creating an environment that is warm and inviting. From the rustic decor, that subtly hints at traditional Portuguese interiors, to the friendly staff who are always ready to make your dining experience better – every detail at Tiagos adds up to a delightful dining experience.

Customer Reviews

Customers who have visited Tiagos in Luton have given positive reviews and commendable feedback. Many have mentioned the great food, excellent service, and the lovely cozy ambiance. Customer satisfaction seems to be a common theme in the reviews, hinting at a positive overall dining experience at Tiagos.

Location and Accessibility

Conveniently located in the bustling city centre, Tiagos is easily accessible. The restaurant’s location also offers the advantage of being close to various points of interest in the city. Even for those from out of town, finding Tiagos should not be an issue, thanks to the well-connected transportation network of Luton.

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112 Bury Park Rd, Luton, Bedfordshire LU1 1HE
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